Over the coming years, we are planning to compete with our high speed and mid-range Electric 2 wheelers motorcycle and scooter models, E-rickshaw (3 wheeler) with a Vintage car 4 wheeler model in the market. All our products will be powered using the Lithium ferro phosphate battery, after few unwanted and deadly incidents which happened over battery issues in the country. Our experience and research over the past few years working on the types of Lithium batteries lead us to completely switch and select over to these powerpacks after my recent tests and development projects and found suitable over the conventional cheap packs being used for cost cutting purpose for the market.

With such experience, confidence and looking at the huge potential in future market in India based upon the Government endeavors for usage of Electric automobiles in lieu of clean eco-friendly environment, we have planned in a very strategic way to develop and expand E-vehicles with a vision to create a notable brand and also to utilize the early bird advantages which we believe to be a big name in the Electric Automobile Industry.

Tentative targets for E-scooter/Motorcycle :
»2022-2023 – 5000 units
»2023-2024 – 10000 units
»2024-2025 – 15000 units
»2025-2026 – 20000 units


Considering the need of today and tomorrow of the sunrise sectors, since the inception of MSPL in 2018, we have been researching and working on Green Energy Technology such as Solar power generation, various Electric Vehicles, Lithium battery technology having different chemistry and Hydrogen propelled projects, our vision is to inculcate advance, eco-friendly and cost effective technology for developing high efficiency, low cost and users friendly products.

In this series, we have developed a high speed most efficient Motorcycle with a speed of 100 kmph along with Lithium ferro-phosphate battery setup, which is having better thermal stability than any other composition battery. The product is under testing and certifications.
To start up with, we have setup an assembly line of Electric scooters manufacturing having capacity of 1800 units per month and so far in last month, we have successfully produced 900 vehicles.

Our new factory and probably the first in Lucknow, spanning across an Acre of area, is settled up for Electric vehicle manufacturing and R&D activities. This unit has the capacity for manufacturing Electric scooters, Electric Motorcycles, 3 wheeler passenger vehicles, loader vehicles as well as Electric vintage car in 4 wheeler category, our electric bicycle is developed and ready to play.

We are looking forward to expand as OEM’s with other players in the market as development facility. In the first quarter of 2023, we have also planned for a hydrogen prototype vehicle, contributing to a more eco-friendly and convenient mobility source for our people that would bring revolution in the entire automobile industry.