Apart from the key personnel, MEVIN SUN POWER PRIVATE LIMITED have 20 skilled personnel related to Solar electricity technology, Lithium Battery and Electric vehicles. Also, our OEM clients provide valuable guidance related to overall growth of the company.

Mr. Vinod Tiwari

Honorary Chairman

Mr. Vinod Tiwari, an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) post graduate is the key person behind the ideas implemented for the projects and innovation. He has received and conducted training from and for various countries and also the major ones at the US and Australian Government invitation from the world’s most prestigious institutions. In Addition, he was a Government high positioned official responsible for the Non- Conventional energy projects in the largest State of the country with more than 37 years of impeccable experience in technology and trade with highly professional people across the world. He is acting as Honorary Chairman of the company.

Mr. Vidit Tiwari


Mr. Vidit Tiwari, an Engineering graduate, is the Director of the company Mevin Sun Power Pvt. Ltd., having 4.5 years of experience and contribution in Non-conventional projects and Lithium battery manufacturing and R&D development for multiple applications. He also worked with SAR group of companies (Livguard Brand), Coslight India Telecom Pvt Ltd (a Chinese leading Lithium battery manufacturing company) and heading Lord’s Group’s Lithium battery-R&D and manufacturing division. Presently, working as the Managing Director of Mevin Sun Power Pvt. Ltd., and handling the electric automobile manufacturing/assembly of our OEM’s..

Mrs. Shruti Tiwari


Mrs. Shruti Tiwari, an Engineering graduate, is also one of the Directors of the company Mevin Sun Power Pvt. Ltd., having 9+ years of experience in the IT sector and worked with the major IT companies as senior consultant.

Mrs. Meera Tiwari


Mrs. Meera Tiwari, Postgraduate having about 10 years of experience in running an NGO related to Khadi Gramo-udyog activities. She is also one of the Directors of the company.

Mr. R N Mishra

Plant Head

Mr. R N Mishra, an IIT postgraduate, having 30+ years experience in technical field, is working as the Plant Head, responsible for day to day production activities and quality of products.