power up your commute with us

MEVIN ELECTRIC AUTOCORP, based out in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with a manufacturing unit sprawling over an acre of space, designing and developing Electric Bi-Cycles, Electric 3 wheelers and Electric Motorcycle models.


We, with our Product TRITON, have been introduced in the state Govt. of Kerala owned Kerala Automobile Limited by Hon’ble Minister of Law, coir and industries of the state with coverage in the recognized and reputed national daily print media. We are Honored to supply electric cycles for the distribution to 12000 rural children of the state with great message of cleaner and greener earth, adapting a green commuting technology to pass on to our generations to come developing better sustainability of our environment and future.

Business Opportunity As a Dealer

We are also working as OEM with Lord’s Mark Industries based in Mumbai, Maharashtra for their 2 and 3 wheeler models with entire coverage to over 250 dealers and distributors across the country and ownership of the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for manufacturing and developing dealer and distributor network for complete range of electric 2 & 3 wheeler models.

MEA focuses on developing new models with rigorous R&D for introducing best quality and best technology products by 2024 in 2&3 wheeler categories.